Aloha… You’re Invited!

Join Dawn on the high vibration, magical island of Kauai, Hawaii! She found sanctuary, adventure, healing, self love and vitality… and is thrilled to share it with those that need an upleveling of Self Love and Thriving in Life.  She offers unique, magical, personalized retreats to empower you into a state of awareness and thriving in life.

“…don’t discount or disown any experiences from your life path…”   ~ Divinisté

Dawn is a Holistic Health Coach, with her soul path being a “Lighthouse,” promoter of goodness… innately driven by her life path 33/6 numbers… determined to make a healing difference on the World. She has been a graphic designer, PTSD survivor, cancer survivor, energy healer, massage therapist, artist, writer, photographer, Self Expression & Leadership Coach, wellness advocate, retreat facilitator, crystal steward and land healer.

Every moment we choose a thought that impacts our tomorrow. Choose the light. Choose the superfood. Choose the positive thought… immediately after the negative one. Join us at a” Thriving Retreat” and let us show you the way to thrive, explore sacred places and help you create the life of your dreams.

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