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Thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Dawn Divinisté. I created the word Divinisté years ago with the thought of the word Namaste. Divinisté… I see the Divine in you, as you see the Divine in me. Also Divine-I-Stay… a rebel shout that I will focus on being the Highest Version of the Highest Vision of my Self that I can imagine. I pronounce it Divin-is-té.

As I am stepping into the fullness of legally changing my name to Dawn Divinisté, this blog is also a new stepping stone into my Highest Self and sharing goodness with others. I have learned many things about myself in the past few years. One of the highlights is learning and acknowledging my gifts… what’s an automatic for me… being a Lighthouse. I am a promoter of goodness, products, modalities and people. When searching for your life essence and higher purpose… don’t discount or disown any experiences from your life path… they have made us who we are, and that is a treasure… especially if you have the courage to share with others.

“…don’t discount or disown any experiences from your life path…”   ~ Divinisté

Along with being a Lighthouse, promoter of goodness… I have been a graphic designer, newspaper production artist, commercial printer prepress technician, Graphic Communications Director, PTSD survivor, energy worker, massage therapist, artist, writer, photographer, Landmark Self Expression & Leadership Coach, Holistic Health Coach, wellness advocate, retreat facilitator, crystal steward and land healer.

Moving to Kauai in 2016 was the best kind of Self Love that I could think of after unexpected family trauma in 2012. Due to the intensity of the trauma – my Mom was  murdered and my stepfather completely disabled, caregiving, jury trial, and the constant reminders in the town… I needed to do something drastic. It took many stages to become settled on this garden island, including 18 weekends of selling multiple generations of treasure, a broken marriage, years of healing, counseling, nurturing and self-love.

Today is a new day. Every moment we choose something that impacts our tomorrow. Choose the light. Choose the superfood. Choose the positive thought immediately after the negative one.

Living and creating the life of my dreams. You can too!

“You can do it… I know you can.”  ~ an old cheer from 7th grade Panthers


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