Euphoralite magic

Ever feel the energy of a crystal? Can you talk to crystals? Some people can… I was one thats been attracted to crystals or andaras due to their appearance and functionality, always wishful that I could sense more than that. Everything has changed now. My friend was at the 2018 Tuscon Gem & Mineral show and was impressed with a new crystal called Euphoralite. Her videos caught my attention. I bought 2 towers. The day they arrived I brought the box and opened it with a group of energy sensitive healers… boy, what a night that was!

First of all, when I opened the package and held the 2 towers, I felt them… especially when I moved them closer to each other. Move them away, move them together… wow, what a charge. Each person at the table had their own experience and the common remark was “Wow!” The energy was palpable… everyone felt a field or an enhancement of chi.

Im very excited about being the Source for Euphoralite, bringing it to the island for infusion of goodness and sharing it with the World! Coming soon… magic crystals…

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