Past Life Remembrance: Atlantis

What does Dawn’s subconscious want Dawn to know about the Lifetime in Atlantis?

I’m seeing red, white and blue… like a rainbow… something about “Ideals of the Highest” need to be shared… like the United States was built on a foundation of goodness. It doesn’t mean that it’s lasted the time, but it’s still built on that foundation. If we can aspire to share from that space, <crying> our Highest Ideals, <sobbing> that’s the Important Part… to Stay True… to Share your Highest Ideals and Be Your Highest Vision of YourSelf. It makes the most impact. But then I can see how being a *** makes a huge impact, but there’s a lot of Karma that goes with that… so it’s a lot better to take the High Path. The Karma that I see is all the Black Lava and when I speak of the Highest, all I see is the White Light. (crying)

I see a white porcelain bathtub in a pigpen and there’s *** everywhere… and the ideal place to be is in that white porcelain bathtub. 

What does the white porcelain bathtub represent?

Purity, the clean path, the Light. Alabaster. The White Light. The road less traveled.


Excerpt from QHHT session with Eve 💗



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