Sacred Temple Lomi Session:  the ultimate spiritual and relaxation session… sacred touch with long sweeping strokes and intentional divine energy infusion • 60min/$100 or 90min/$150 session

Essential Oils BioScan Session: Which essential oils are your body asking for? The bioScan device scans your body to discover which oils and supplements your body has a response to, then sends you customized results in the form of an easy-to-understand report. Includes BioScan report, coaching and one custom 10ml roller bottle essential oil blend • 30min/$30

AromaTouch Session: Rejuvenating body session using eight doTerra essential oils systematically applied to your back and feet, covering all the major body meridians. Includes BioScan and one custom 10ml roller bottle essential oil blend for you to take home • 60min/$100

Quantum Biofeedback Sessions:

Eductor® is the most advanced bio-energetic device in the world today. It makes a quantum leap in the field of energetic medicine involved in self-development and stress reduction. This highly sensitive computerized biofeedback device gathers bio-energetic data from the client, then sorts and prioritizes it and tests the client’s own energetic reactivity to a wide range of issues that cause stress in the body. Reduce stress, reduce pain caused by stress, reduce stress from emotional blockages, reduce or eliminate stress from allergies, assist in overcoming addictions – releasing thought patterns and addictive behaviors, return to energetic balance, improve the immune system, improve self-esteem and self-worth, clear and balance traumas, the aura and chakras.


Clear Environment Session: Pollution, pollen, mold, toxins, chemicals, heavy metals, building materials, EMF’s from appliances, electricity, computers, cell phones, geographic stress (earth energies, leylines, water lines) Help to clear yourself, your home or office of negative energy. • 60min/$100

Clearing Energy Blocks Session: For chronic or degenerative issues, pain, fatigue, hormones, digestion, circulation, nerves, muscles, spine, immune system, pharmaceuticals, street drug use, overweight, adrenal stresses, or food sensitivities. Clearing energy blocks from energy vampires in the home or work-space. Learn healthier food choices and what the body energetically needs to function optimally through the correct amount of amino acids, healthy fats and minerals. • 60min/$100

Mental & Emotional Clearing Session: Money worries, past life or present. Cut energetic cords that no longer serve you. Help in releasing old repetitive thought pattern stress, negative thought patterns, low self esteem and self-worth, identity crisis, career and life-path stresses and help you identify and call forward what you do want. Release addictive pattern stress, and call in healthier relationships and family interaction. Release stress caused from depression, fear, anxiety, grief, anger, sadness, or confusion. • 60min/$100

Spiritual Clearing Session: Releasing years of guilt, anger and fear. Become more heart-centered by releasing layers of forgiveness issues, shame and blame at the deepest levels. Create your intentions for a vital, more loving, joyful life and fulfilling experiences. • 60min/$100

Aura, Chakra and Karmic Clearing: energetic clearing of old traumas and the bioenergy fields. • 60min/$100


CRYSTAL Rejuvenation Session: An Energetic Overall Facelift • 30 min/$50

OPAL Rejuvenation Session: Energy Restoration, AntiAging, Stress Reduction and Environmental Stressors • 30 min/$50

SAPPHIRE Rejuvenation Session: Energy Restoration, AntiAging, Stress Reduction, Environmental Stressors + Relieve Effects of Gravity • 60min/$100

PEARL Rejuvenation Session: The above four, PLUS Face and Beauty, Weight Management, Skin & Hair, Body Scan and Reshape • 60min/$100